Our Team

The beautiful humans who make all of the magic happen

Salarah Nazheri

Operations Coordinator

Salarah is a healing artist, herbal student, and tea enthusiast from DC. She is a certified yoga teacher and currently studying Integrative Health at American College of Healthcare Sciences. Her dream is to elevate a healthcare system where people feel seen and have the tools they need to heal holistically.

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Isabella Daisy Rose

Communications Coordinator

Isabella is a singer, artist, yoga instructor and children's art teacher. She is deeply passionate, inspired by, and connected to the Earth, her plant medicines, and all the beauty and healing she provides. One of her greatest missions in this lifetime is to help others connect with the Earth and support the collective's healing and remembrance.

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Tatiana Eaves

Creator & Founder

Tatiana Eaves is a Medicine Woman— an Ecologist, Wildcrafter, Healer, Activist, and Spiritual Friend. She believes in sharing her knowledge and the wisdom of the forest to bring us all back into the remembrance of our personal power to enact change in our lives, our communities, and beyond. Her goals are in bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet by working collaboratively with others to strengthen our connection with ourselves, Mother Earth, and each other.