Meet an Herbalist

June 10, 2023 @12-3pm – Femme Fatale DC (3409 Connecticut Ave NW) – Free! Just drop by

Drop by Femme Fatale DC for a meet and greet! Come by the shop between 12 and 3pm to have a warm cup of tea and chat with Tatiana about any questions you have about plants, herbal medicines, wildcrafting, the practice of herbalism, our connection with the Earth, the body-mind-spirit connection, and/or anything else!

Good Medicine Confluence

July 18-22, 2023 – Lake George, CO – Register here

Richly colorful wildflowers, medicinal herbs and shrooms abound on the shimmering mountainsides, where diverse healers, plant lovers and alchemists, visionaries and culture-shifters from all over the world gather to learn, share, connect and celebrate. A gathering of advanced practitioners and newcomers to herbalism alike. Four days full of 100 educational classes and workshops to cultivate an empowering and transformative journey for all involved.

Past Events

Peace Protection - Blue Lotus: The Flower of Enlightenment

May 13th @ 7-9:30pm– Femme Fatale DC – Register Here

Blue Lotus is a sacred flower and a symbol of strength, death, rebirth, and purity. She represents our soul's emergence from the dark into the light and the purity that lies at the core of all of us—that at a soul level we are all are light and beauty and love. Join us in this ceremony as we harness the power of Blue Lotus and learn her wisdom. We will curate a sacred space to explore meditation as medicine, as a practice for connecting with ourselves and Blue Lotus, to cultivate inner peace and evoke powerful healing.

Mindful Wildcrafting

May 4 @6pm EST – Online – Learn More

In this class, participants will learn how to identify and respectfully, with intentionality, gather and harvest wild foods. We'll focus on 4 different plant allies and I will go over the botanical descriptors, the environments they prefer to live within, time of year, etc. for each plant and touch on how to be in right relationship to the land when you are foraging wild foods.

Living Dream Festival

April 28-30 – Middleburg, VA (camping) – Buy Tickets here (use code 'tatiana' for a discount)

A festival of art, music, and activism for a sustainable future. The main tenant of the Living Dream Festival event is a celebration of all living beings, and a call to protection of the living Earth. This festival represents an effort in crafting a conversation among DMV Artists, Activists, Advocates and Concerned Citizens toward building a Sustainable Future.

Pleasure Portal: Energetic Awareness and Embodiment

April 21st @ 7-9:30pm– Femme Fatale DC – Register Here

Our second Pleasure Portal event of the series. In this session, we will explore the practice of deepening our connection to our inner authority, regulating our nervous system, and showing up as our most authentic selves. This loving container will also feature vendors with curated self-love offerings. 

Remembering our Connection to Mother Earth: A Meditative Experienceter

March 25th @ 12-2pm PM – Malcolm X Park – Register Here

Join us for this workshop where we will learn about plant medicines and how to connect more deeply with Mother Earth and yourself in the process, through meditative practices with an herbal tea ceremony.

Pleasure Portal: An Exploration into Sacred Sensuality

January 20, 2023 @ 7-9:30 PM – Femme Fatale DC – Register Here

Tap into your inner pleasure, sacred expression, and what ignites you. This event is for women-identifying and non-binary people to explore our inner longings and desires. We'll have a tea and grounding ceremony to settle into our bodies, a guided group discussion on what sacred sensuality means to you and what the word 'pleasure' evokes within you to deep dive into ourselves, and then end with dance to embody our lessons from the self and move stagnant energy preventing us from receiving and incorporating the highest levels of pleasure in every aspect of our lives. 

Sacred Reciprocity and Right Relationship with Mother Earth

January 12, 2023 @ 6 PM – Virtual – Register Here

Part of Wild Ginger Herbal Center's Bloom Class Series: This is a class for all experience levels to have a deep discussion on the practice of Sacred Reciprocity and other ancestral teachings, our inherent connection to nature, the importance of connecting with our intuition, how remembering our connection to nature is the key to healing ourselves, each other, and the planet.

We will explore how to tune into our heart space to have a conversation with our plant allies: asking plants permission before harvesting, remembering their sovereignty as living beings; and tuning into our inner wisdom to help us identify plants and what their medicine is (doctrine of signatures).

Foundations of Wildcrafting and Herbalism

January 7, 2023 @ 12 PM – Virtual – View Recording

An introduction to foraging wild plants, plant medicines, and all the ways in which we can remain in right relationship with mother earth. This is a great starting point for anyone new to the world of plants! This serves as a foundation and overview for the Mother Earth Heart Connections monthly class.

Medicine Making For Collective Care

November 12, 2022 @12 – 2 PM – Malcolm X Park – Register Here

As the seasons shift and the days become shorter, mother earth reminds us of the beauty of  letting go and bringing our energy inward. As nature slows down, so do our internal systems. It’s important for us during this time to build resilience within our bodies and work proactively to nourish our own internal systems and those of our community.

Join us for a workshop on plant medicine making. We’ll be focusing on the healing wisdom of our plant ally Rose (Rosa Spp.) and crating a Winter Oxymel, ancient medicine combining herbs, with vinegar, and honey. The high-vibrational softness of rose connects us to our sensuality and heart, restoring vitality and joy. She has been used for her antiviral and antidepressant properties, high vitamin C content, and to bring down fevers. We’ll be breaking down the history and culture around the rose plant, how to identify her in the wild, her energetics and how she works within the body.

All supplies will be provided. Just arrive with an open heart and an open mind.

Mindful Wildcrafting: The Art of Remembering our Connection to Mother Earth Workshop


August 25, 2022 @6:30-8:30 PM – Common Good City Farm DC – Register Here

Learn about the art of wildcrafting and connecting with Mother Earth with Tatiana Eaves.
Join us for a workshop on the connections between food sovereignty, climate change, and the practice of foraging wild plants, along with how to identify and respectfully, with intentionality, gather and harvest wild foods. We will have opportunity to learn from our best teachers, those within the natural world, with the incorporation of traditional Indigenous teachings about how to honor the non-human life existing all around us.
All supplies will be provided. Just be prepared to remember, with an open heart and an open mind.

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