Pleasure Portal: Conscious Creation and Nurturing Our Inner Fire

August 25h @ 7-9:30PM – Eaton DC – Tickets

When we live from a state of pleasure, we become magnets for all we desire. In the session we’ll uncover the power of our deepest desires (inner fire), how to navigate & nurture them, and how they can serve as fuel for bringing our dreams and visions to life, in conscious co-creation with the universe.

Past Events

Meet an Herbalist

June 10, 2023 @12-3pm – Femme Fatale DC (3409 Connecticut Ave NW) – Free! Just drop by

Drop by Femme Fatale DC for a meet and greet! Come by the shop between 12 and 3pm to have a warm cup of tea and chat with Tatiana about any questions you have about plants, herbal medicines, wildcrafting, the practice of herbalism, our connection with the Earth, the body-mind-spirit connection, and/or anything else!

Peace Protection - Blue Lotus: The Flower of Enlightenment

May 13th @ 7-9:30pm– Femme Fatale DC – Register Here

Blue Lotus is a sacred flower and a symbol of strength, death, rebirth, and purity. She represents our soul's emergence from the dark into the light and the purity that lies at the core of all of us—that at a soul level we are all are light and beauty and love. Join us in this ceremony as we harness the power of Blue Lotus and learn her wisdom. We will curate a sacred space to explore meditation as medicine, as a practice for connecting with ourselves and Blue Lotus, to cultivate inner peace and evoke powerful healing.

Mindful Wildcrafting

May 4 @6pm EST – Online – Learn More

In this class, participants will learn how to identify and respectfully, with intentionality, gather and harvest wild foods. We'll focus on 4 different plant allies and I will go over the botanical descriptors, the environments they prefer to live within, time of year, etc. for each plant and touch on how to be in right relationship to the land when you are foraging wild foods.

Living Dream Festival

April 28-30 – Middleburg, VA (camping) – Buy Tickets here (use code 'tatiana' for a discount)

A festival of art, music, and activism for a sustainable future. The main tenant of the Living Dream Festival event is a celebration of all living beings, and a call to protection of the living Earth. This festival represents an effort in crafting a conversation among DMV Artists, Activists, Advocates and Concerned Citizens toward building a Sustainable Future.

Pleasure Portal: Energetic Awareness and Embodiment

April 21st @ 7-9:30pm– Femme Fatale DC – Register Here

Our second Pleasure Portal event of the series. In this session, we will explore the practice of deepening our connection to our inner authority, regulating our nervous system, and showing up as our most authentic selves. This loving container will also feature vendors with curated self-love offerings. 

Remembering our Connection to Mother Earth: A Meditative Experienceter

March 25th @ 12-2pm PM – Malcolm X Park – Register Here

Join us for this workshop where we will learn about plant medicines and how to connect more deeply with Mother Earth and yourself in the process, through meditative practices with an herbal tea ceremony.


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