Foundations of Wildcrafting and Herbalism

Foundations of Wildcrafting and Herbalism is a free class offering on foraging wild plants, making plant medicines, and relationship and connection with Mother Earth and ourselves.

In this class we explore:

  • the history and importance of land connection & stewardship
  • sacred reciprocity & the personhood of plants
  • how to harvest plants ethically
  • the significance of wild foods
  • what plant medicines are and how they are made

This class serves as an introduction to the monthly offering Mother Earth Heart Connections. Visit the class below. 


Mother Earth Heart Connections Class

This monthly offering is not just a class but an activation, a calling from deep within. This course and community will light a fire in you so bright you won't be able to return to who you once were. In getting to know our plant allies and learning their language, we can not only remember our connection to the earth but come back home to ourselves, to hear that little intuitive voice within. We are building a powerful community of people in deep remembrance of our connection with Mother Earth and each other—equipping ourselves with the knowledge that joy and self-love is not only our birthright but our responsibility for the collective healing of our communities and the planet. Join us!

What we will learn:

  • history and cultural significance of each plant 
  • how to identify the plants in the wild
  • the energetic signatures of the plant
  • how they connect with us and support our wellness
  • how to build relationship with them
  • and many more topics!

These class memberships can be fully digital or come with an monthly Herbal Gift Box (by mail). 

What you will receive in the monthly Herbal Gift Box membership:

  • Access to the Member Portal with all class recordings & links to live monthly classes
  • Lovingly crafted Plant Medicine made with the plant of the month (tincture, salve, oil, other) to engage with the plant and build relationship throughout the month 
  • Beautiful Printed Monthly Workbook full of the teachings, activities/exercises, and stories from the plant of the month that you may carry around and refer back to while you engage with them. 
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February's Plant Ally of the Month
Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.)

Hawthorn is the single most attuned plant to working with the human heart. She's a mender, a renewing bridge between body and soul. She's the one who holds the lantern, illuminating our path to remind us that we ourselves are the light we seek.

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